Dog Owners Are Blaming Popular Flea Medication For Their Pet’s Deaths

When we look at medical science, we often think about the amazing things that they have been able to accomplish. It is especially true when it comes to how they take care of our pets. Unfortunately, there are certain medications that might be given to our pets that are unsafe. That is the case with the popular flea medication, Bravecto. Although there is no physical proof to back things up, dog owners around the world are blaming the death of their dogs on the medication.

The fact is that thousands of dogs worldwide took the medication and then died. Pet owners are now wondering if Bravecto is a safe choice to give to their animals. Here is more of what we know.

WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia took part in an investigation. Jim Strickland, who works for the news agency, looked into the death of dogs after owners reported that the animals had died after the drug was taken. Documents were obtained about the deaths, showing that shortly after taking the flea medication, thousands of pets died.

How does it work?

Veterinarians have different opinions when it comes to these claims. Some of those professionals are coming forward to discuss the dangers of the drug. This includes Elizabeth Carney, a veterinarian from Pennsylvania. She had the following to say:

“We’re seeing some of these dogs that just seem to crash for lack of a better word.”

There is even a petition started by vets to get the FDA to add a warning to the label on Bravecto. Merck, the maker of the drug, continues to say that the drug is safe. According to their claims, only .01 of the 34 million doses given resulted in negative side effects.

Some of the negative side effects reported after taking Bravecto include vomiting (listed on the label), seizures, respiratory problems, and discomfort. These claims may or may not be true but regardless, you should have a discussion with your veterinarian before giving Bravecto to your dog.

Other methods of flea control and removal:

Bravecto is only one of the many ways to control a flea infestation. Other methods may or may not also use chemicals so it could be harmful to your pet, especially if you don’t follow the directions. One of the options is a flea bath and there are plenty of shampoos that have been approved by veterinarians.

One of the primary issues associated with a flea bath is not rinsing your pet thoroughly enough. If the shampoo residue is permitted to stay on the pet’s skin, it could lead to problems. Look for a gentle shampoo and talk to your veterinarian before using a flea shampoo.

When you treat your dog for fleas, watch them carefully for any side effects. If you see any that are problematic, don’t hesitate to take them to the vet. Do your research before using any product on your pet to ensure it is a safe choice. You should also talk to the vet about your choice to see what else you can do to keep your furry friend as safe and healthy as possible.

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