This Brave Squirrel Sneaks Up On A Great Dane To Steal Some Peanuts. His Reaction? Too Funny To Miss!

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A Great Dane, named Briva, was minding her own business, taking a nap in her bed on the deck, when she received a little visitor. A brave little squirrel saw two peanuts sitting in front of Briva, and decided to sneak up onto the deck to snatch them. But the best part of it all is Briva’s reaction!

The squirrel starts to come up on the deck but is hesitant when he sees the dog. Briva lifts her head up and the squirrel runs away. Then after a little it he comes back and hilariously stretches out his body, reaching for the peanut. He grabs it and eats it right then and there. Meanwhile, Briva is watching the squirrel with a confused look on her face. But she doesn’t even move, it doesn’t phase her one bit! Then the squirrel comes back for seconds, and eats it even closer to Briva when he realizes that she is no threat. I think Briva may be the first and only dog who doesn’t chase after squirrels!

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