After Being Apart For 3 Months, Dog Finally Reunited With Human Who’s Battling Cancer

There is NO bond comparable to a bond like Brad and Ava have. It’s transcends words, and miles! When Brad, a veteran and New Mexico resident, had to move 1500 miles away to care for his elderly mother, he left someone very special behind.

Ava, who has been by Brad’s side through three separate battles with cancer, was distraught without her human. And of course, Brad was distraught without her. While Brad was caring for his mother in Boise, Idaho, doctors discovered his cancer returned for a fourth time. The first thing on Brad’s wishlist was to see Ava of course! So, of course, Brad’s family made it happen.


Their reunion starts off as a cute game of hide-n-seek. Ava tries to find Brad by sniffing around everywhere for him!


But once Brad comes out of “hiding” and Ava sees him, her reaction is SO PRECIOUS! I swear I played the video six times already! It’s apparent that Brad and Ava really are soulmates.


Now, with Ava at his side, Brad will face treatment once again. Knowing his best friend is with him indefinitely, will make things a little easier.

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