Boy With Cleft Lip Adopts Puppy With The Same Birth Defect

Sometimes there are friendships that are just meant to be. And a very special bond was formed when a 2-year-old boy from Michigan adopted a new best friend from the Jackson County Animal Shelter. While the pairing was very sweet in itself, what made it that bit more touching is the fact that both the young boy and his new puppy had something in common: they both were born with a cleft lip.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter had previously stated in a Facebook post about the two best friends that the young boy, Bentley, had been born with the cleft lip but had already experienced two surgeries to correct it. And it was his father, Brandon, who adopted the puppy for the young boy. When Brandon first saw the puppy at the shelter, he knew straight away that he’d be perfect for Bentley.

As Ashley Boyers, Bentley’s mom, shared with the news outlet WILX, Brandon Facetimed her the moment he saw the puppy. He explained that he thought the pup had a little cleft lip too, and Ashley encouraged him to adopt her.

Ashley explained to WILX, “To see him have something in common with a puppy means a lot ’cause he can grow up and understand that he and his puppy both have something that they can share in common.”

The little puppy is two-months-old, but it’s still not clear what name the family settled on for the pup. The family went to visit the little black and white puppy and the shelter was able to get a bunch of pictures that perfectly captured the new friendship.

As the shelter posted in their Facebook post, Bentley and the puppy were a perfect match, and it was very touching to see the adoption happen. As they wrote, “We wish many years of joy as this special pair grows up together!” And that is a sentiment that we all agree on.

While the puppy might have a cleft lip, the Animal Services Director, Lydia Sattler, said there is no concern for her future health. Lydia said to WILX that her disability will not infringe on her growth in the future in anyway. She said, “She might look a little different than a normal dog would, but it’s not slowing her down at all.”

Based off the pictures, there is no doubt that they will be life-long best friends. Watch the video clip of these two below:

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