He Struggled With Making Friends. When Roxy Came Along, She Transformed His Life In A Heartfelt Way!

A 13-year-old boy, named Joey, has Asperger Syndrome, which has led him to a life filled with many difficulties. He has trouble meeting new people and making friends, and isn’t even able to really show affection to his mom, Amanda. He prefers to be alone and does things better by himself.

To help overcome his loneliness, he asked his mom for a dog. Enter Roxy, a blue-nosed pit bull who had been staying at Best Friends Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. Amanda saw a post on their Facebook page about her and went there early the next morning. It was love at first sight! Roxy went straight to Joey and jumped on his lap, giving him lots of kisses. He connected right away with her, and now the two are inseparable. Joey rescued Roxy, but Roxy also rescued him! Now Joey is much more social and is very affectionate with his mom now too!

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