Boy Saves Cat From Sealed Box After He Witnesses Man Throwing It Off Connecticut Bridge

A 10-year-old boy is a hero after he saved the life of a male cat. The boy witnessed a man tossing a box wrapped in a garbage bag off a bridge in Bridgeport, CT, landing in the Pequonnock River.

A monster put an innocent cat inside a box and taped it up. Then he wrapped it in a garbage bag and headed for a bridge. He carelessly tossed the box with the cat inside into the river and then walked away.


The box floated down the river towards the boy and that is when he heard a meow. The boy was able to reach the box from the edge of the river. He opened it and found a sweet male cat inside. The cat did not appear to be hurt, but obviously stressed from what he just endured.

Photo: Facebook/Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control

The brave boy picked up the cat and started to walk to the shelter. On his way, he saw a police car and stopped to tell the officer what he saw. He did not want to give his name, but remain the unnamed hero.

People are praising the boy for his bravery and compassion. One person wrote, “omg that’s just truly incredible. Ughh watery eyes at work…. a little kid thinking on his own to save the poor cat AND take the cat to the animal shelter. Wow.”

Photo: Facebook/Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control

Another said, “My hero! What a big heart for a young boy. To take on that responsibility to save this cat is so powerful thank you.”

Bridgeport Animal Control took in the male cat and are currently working with local police to find the man responsible. They are asking for help and anyone with information is asked to call 203-576-7727. “We do not have much more information so we are reaching out for any leads,” posted the shelter.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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