He Saved Up For The Pony He’s Always Wanted. When He’s Surprised With One, Watch His Reaction!

This seven-year-old boy, named Sebastian, fell in love with horses the day he rode one when he was four years old. Ever since then, he had been begging his mom for a family horse. Eventually, he wound up selling homemade lemonade to save up to buy one himself.

He became quite the little entrepreneur and his small lemonade stand turned into a big business venture. He got his lemonade bottled with a logo and everything, and even began making iced tea and iced coffee. As time went on, he wound up saving more than $3,000. His mother was impressed by his hard work and decided to surprise him with a pony. When he saw it, he broke down in tears.

He definitely deserved his dream horse, after all of the hard work he’s done. It’s so heartwarming to see a little boy with such a love for animals, and such determination to get what he wants!

Watch his reaction in the video below:

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