Boy Recreates Touching Photo With His Dog After Graduating High School

When we are very young, it seems as if we have all the time in the world, but before long, it seems as if years have passed by. One milestone runs into another, and soon, we are looking back on a lifetime of experiences.

Dylan is a young man who recently graduated from high school. I’m sure that he was looking back on his years going from one grade to the next, and his mother wanted to mark the occasion. They decided to include Dylan’s best friend and constant companion in the celebration.

That companion is the family dog, Ruger, and he has been with Dylan the entire time.

Ruger has been a member of the family for over 10 years and they absolutely love him. When Ruger was only a little puppy and came into the family, Dylan was young. It wasn’t long before they formed a bond with each other that they still have down to this day.

Ruger was there to mark every milestone in Dylan’s life. Perhaps one of the milestones that will be remembered for quite some time was the first day of school. Ruger was only a puppy at the time when they got together for a picture to remember that day.

Now that many years have gone by and Dylan is graduating high school, his mother, Corie Bliss, decided the best choice was to recreate the picture of that first day of school.

Not only did the picture turn out, it really showed something wonderful between the two of them. Looking at the pictures side-by-side shows you the connection that Dylan has with his beloved dog and the loyalty they have between them.

Ruger continues to be a very important part of the family. He has been in all of their experiences, both large and small over the years.

Unfortunately, Ruger is dealing with cancer and it is likely that his time with the family will not last much longer. This is something that breaks the heart of the family but they are forever grateful for the memories that he has provided.

For now, Ruger is still a part of their current memories and will continue to be part of them for as long as possible. They are focusing on the positive, which is the love that Ruger has shown to the family.

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