A Little Boy and His Dog Fell Into A Hole, But Watch What They Do At The End. INCREDIBLE!

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A pup from southern Mississippi had gone missing and the family could not find him anywhere. Days later, the dog’s tiny four-year-old human, Gabe Allbritton, heard barking coming from a nearby well. He peaked his head in, and sure enough it was his dog! But unfortunately he lost his balance and wound up falling into the well, too.

The hole was 23 feet deep and only 1.5 feet wide, too skinny for rescuers to fit down to get them. They lowered down a rope but it was too difficult for Gabe to attach the rescue device to the rope. 3.5 hours later, they finally lowered a device that was successful. A little bit later, they were able to rescue the pup too! The two are now safe and healthy and I’m sure will be much more careful now.

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