The Boxer is a breed with a wonderful combination of sheer strength and lovable nature. While being stocky in size and sure in his capabilities, the Boxer is also a lovable companion for families, even those with children. This dog in the past was a courier in the war as well as used as a seeing eye dog. The Boxer also served as a guardian in various capacities. Today, the Boxer is usually seen next to his owner in a home setting.

Boxers come in various colors, such as fawn and brindle tones. This dog stands between 21 to 25 inches high at the shoulder.

Many families choose the Boxer to bring into their home, as this dog is especially affectionate. He not only shows great love for his adult owners, but also for kids in the home. The Boxer has a patient nature and exuberant spirit. You can train the Boxer to behave in the house, but should always be sure to get this dog outside each day so that he may run out his energy and enjoy the outdoors.

The Boxer has a short coat which is appreciated by owners who want a pet with minimal grooming needs and less frequent shedding episodes. An occasional brushing and bath will keep your Boxer looking nice and also ensure that they maintain a good health overall. Boxers do need a bit more room to romp than smaller dogs due to their medium-sized build. The Boxer is also a good listener and can be trained well when given the opportunity.

If you have children in the home and are searching for a lovable companion for the whole family, the Boxer dog breed is a wise choice. This dog is loving, patient and a wonderful guardian.

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