His Humans Left Him In A Doggy Motel, When They Return Watch How He Greets Them…

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This Boxer, named Hannibal, is not too excited about staying at the doggy motel while his humans are away. He was in his enclosure at Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay in Olympia, Washington, when his humans returned. His dad had his camera out and Hannibal put his front paws up on the wall and stared at him, directly into the camera.

When he began to walk away, Hannibal followed him with his eyes. Then he walked the other way and Hannibal continued to follow him with his eyes, keeping completely still. It resulted in the most serious, yet funniest side-eye ever! My dog gives me the notorious side-eye look all the time, but it’s definitely not as hilarious as this one!

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