This Boxer Tries To Eat Her Human’s Dinner Off The Table…And She Doesn’t Care Who’s Watching!

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You’ve most likely seen the countless videos of dog’s getting caught in the act, whether it’s stealing food, eating out of the garbage, or anything along those lines. And most of the time they look and act completely guilty after they’re caught. They always act as if it weren’t them and that they have no clue how that mess happened. Well, this Boxer gets caught in the act, but she isn’t so guilty about it.

Not only does she get caught in the act, but she does it with her human sitting right there! That’s one brave pup! She is in the living room and sees her human’s dinner in a box on the coffee table. She lifts open the lid with her nose and goes right for the food. Of course her human, who is sitting two feet away from her on the couch recording the entire thing, clears her throat out loud and startles the Boxer. She gives her human this surprised look while being asked what’s she’s doing. Then a second later, she goes right back for the dinner!! Then her human clears her throat again and the pup finally stops and starts backing away with a little bit of guilt on her face. Too cute!

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