This Boxer Meets A New Kitten And Watching Them Play Is Like Winning The Lotto!

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Of course puppies playing with other puppies, and kittens playing with other kittens, is always adorable. But what’s even more adorable is when two different types of animals interact and get along with each other. It just goes to show that love knows no species! This Boxer meets a kitten and it’s friends at first sight!

Even though the kitten is so much smaller than the dog, she doesn’t have an ounce of fear in her. She goes right up to the pup and wraps her paws around his leg and starts nibbling on it. The Boxer is so gentle with her and just licks her head. The kitten is so hyper, rolling all around the floor and the Boxer just walks in circles following her. I love how the pup allows the kitten to grab his face and do whatever she pleases. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship!

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