Paralyzed Boxer Is Now Wheeling His Way Through Life With His Guinea Pig Co-Pilot By His Side!

Holly Walthers’ rescue Boxer, Leo, passed away from cancer in 2014, and although it was a devastating loss, she still managed to create some good from it. Walthers devotes her life to rescuing and fostering pups in peril, and has founded Team Leo to help dogs all over the West Coast.


One of those dogs is Rex, a senior dog who was pulled from a kill shelter in California in October 2015. Rex suffers from degenerative myelopathy and depends on a wheelchair to get around. His future seemed bleak, but thanks to Walthers and Team Leo, he was given a second chance.


Now living in Vail, Colorado, Rex is as happy as can be with his loving mom. Aside from getting all the love and care in the world, he also has a furry sidekick, a guinea pig named Smores! Smores was rescued this past January from a bad situation, and has grown extremely close with Rex.


The two grew a liking for one another as soon as they met, and they are inseparable! They love to play and snuggle together, and Smores even accompanies Rex on adventures in his wheelchair in her custom guinea pig sidecar.


They munch on food together—Smores on her greens and Rex on his treats—and then lie down on the couch for a nice, relaxing nap together. They even get to go on road trips together!


You can follow along with Rex and Smores on their Facebook page, along with all of the other dogs who are a part of Team Leo!


Check out more pictures of this adorable duo below:


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