Boxer And Cat Siblings Are The Best Of Friends And Express It In The Cutest Way

Seeing dogs cuddling with each other is cute enough of a sight to melt your heart, but seeing two animals of different species snuggling up with each other is even more heart-warming and unusual!

But love knows no species, and that’s certainly true for this adorable Boxer pup and her best friend, a nine-month-old tabby cat.

The video below, taken in Chicago, shows the adorable duo lying with each other on the couch. The Boxer has her arm around the cat and is hugging him, while the cat licks and grooms his doggy friend. Both of them take turns looking at the camera, but neither of them are phased with having an audience.

They go right back to cuddling and grooming each other. The Boxer also uses her cat friend as a pillow, and she looks extremely comfortable!

These two are the cutest doggy and kitty duo I’ve ever seen! It’s not every day you see a dog and cat getting along this well. Their owner is super lucky to have such lovable pets, not only with the family, but with each other! Watch them for yourself in the video below and be prepared for your heart to burst from the cuteness!

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