This Boxer Walks Up To The Door. When He Sees What’s Waiting For Him, He Stops Dead In His Tracks!

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Some people (non dog-lovers) might see a Boxer and be a little intimidated by them and their big, stocky body. But in reality, Boxers are big mushes! This video proves it.

Dox the Boxer is nothing to be afraid of. But, there’s something HE is afraid of! This tiny feather on the door, blowing in the wind. Yes, a feather. He stares at it to analyze the competition. Then he moves in closer but quickly backs away because, you know, the feather might get him! Towards the end he puts his paw out to try and hit it but doesn’t want to get close enough. He finally paws it off the door and gets spooked by it! What a silly pup!

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