One Woman Was Pulled On The Field To Play A Game And Never Expected What Happened Next. I Love This!

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All kinds of fun things can happen at sporting events, especially when the audience can get involved. Everyone sits in their seats secretly hoping that they get to be the one featured on the jumbotron, or get picked to play the games during intermissions.

For some people, they get the greatest surprise of their lives.

Surprises unfolded as Amber Peete was chosen to play the audience participation game called “What’s In The Box?”  She was given the choice of an envelope, a small box, or a big box, and she (smartly) chose the big box. But what was in the big box? Was it a car? A bike? An animal? What was in it?!

Amber had no idea about the amazing prize she was about to receive and her reaction was just perfect.

See for yourself below!

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