Help These Precious ‘Bottle Babies’ Find Loving Forever Homes

Millions of kittens and puppies will be rescued this year. Many of them will be spending a few days in a local shelter before the next leg of their journey is planned out.

Whether that’s moving into a loving forever home, or being euthanized to make room for other animals, may be up to you.

Every spring and summer, when unspayed cats are in heat, cat populations around the country rise exponentially. “Kitten season” leads to overcrowded shelters and strains the resources of rescue groups. Sadly, many of these animals will be euthanized.

Source: GreaterGood

Vulnerable pets, those with infections, senior animals, and babies, are all in desperate need of nourishing food when they first arrive at the shelter. The youngest animals, Bottle Babies, as they are affectionately named, rely on specialized formula and the care of shelter workers to survive.

Source: GreaterGood

Source: GreaterGood

Sadly, many shelters are underfunded and unable to provide enough formula, bottles, and necessary supplies to go around.

GreaterGood has partnered with shelters around the country, like the San Diego Humane Society, to deliver this formula.

Your purchase of PetAg formula feeding kits on behalf of shelters means that you’ll be giving helpless puppies and kittens a chance to survive, thrive, and be happy in a forever home. Many orphaned infant animals arrive at a shelter with their siblings.

You can make an even bigger impact by supplying emergency care kits for 4 kittens or puppies in need. Help them all survive!

Source: GreaterGood

The alternative is not a pleasant picture. Hundreds of thousands of these animals may be euthanized the day they enter a shelter, many of them warm and kind enough to make perfect pets.

Source: GreaterGood

You can bring euthanasia rates down, save lives, and put these animals in loving homes. Purchase the lifesaving gift of PetAg formula feeding kits by clicking the button below.

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