Boston Terrier

If you are looking for an intelligent dog breed whoconveys a regal air, then look no further than the Boston Terrier. As his name signifies, the Boston Terrier has his roots in Boston, Massachusetts where the breed was developed as a fighting dog.  This is a small dog with a liveliness and strength as if he was a great deal larger than his small stature. The Boston Terrier has a stocky build and compact frame.

This breed comes in various coat colors, including black, brindle or a seal color tone, but has white markings throughout. The Boston Terrier usually weighs less than 25 pounds and averages between 10 and 20 pounds.

The Boston Terrier is a determined dog, but tends to be well behaved within the home. This dog has a gentle disposition and makes for a wonderful family pet. The Boston Terrier can acclimate well in any size of home, but still likes to get outdoors to get exercise and have fun. Training is good for any type of dog and the Boston Terrier is one such breed which responds well to training by his owner or a professional dog trainer.

Grooming duties are easy to maintain as the Boston Terrier has a short length coat which just needs occasional brushings from time to time.

The Boston Terrier is an owner’s dog which means that he loves his family members. He is happy to spend the day with his owner and will stay close to his beloved family member. The Boston Terrier is a suitable house pet and will provide many years of love and companionship to his owner and the entire family.

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