A Boston Terrier Stole A Carrot… It Didn’t Go Quite As He Planned

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Sometimes we do things without putting much thought into it and then it doesn’t exactly turn out how we expected it or wanted it to. Especially as kids, we often did things without thinking of the consequences. Well this dog thinks up the perfect crime, but she didn’t think about the consequences and she most definitely didn’t put much thought into it.

Basil, a Boston Terrier, steals a carrot and almost gets away with it. She was SO close..that is, until her flappy jowls ruin her sneaky plan. She is sitting there with a look of guilt written all over her adorable face, with the evidence hidden in her mouth. Then slowly but surely, the evidence, which in this case is a carrot, comes slipping out of her mouth slowly but surely. The look on her face is priceless, and once the carrot falls out, she has nothing else to do but hid her face in shame. How can you even be mad at that face?!


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