Blind Dog Wandered Off Property And Into A Lake, Then Struggled To Stay Afloat

A blind dog somehow wound up in a Miami Gardens lake and was struggling to stay afloat. That’s when some good Samaritans saw him and knew they had to help this poor pup before he drowned.

A man used his boat to get close to the dog and then lifted him inside of it. He then rowed it to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews who were waiting on the other end of the lake.

They quickly brought the pup inside their rescue vehicle where they gave him oxygen. He was then taken to a station in Miami Lakes as they waited for animal services.

Luckily, the dog, who is named Boston, did have a tag on him and was reunited with his family. It turns out that his owner’s sister was watching Boston for him while he was out of town. Boston wandered away and somehow wound up on the lake.

Thankfully, Boston is in good health and seems to be very healthy. Hopefully next time whoever dog-sits him will keep a closer eye on him!

I’m sure Boston is happy to be back home after a very scary experience. This story would have a much different ending if it weren’t for those good Samaritans for saving his life!

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