Lab Stays Close By baby Calf He Saves From Freezing

When Bosko found a baby calf in the cold outdoors on his owner’s ranch, he knew it was in danger. The yellow Labrador Retriever made sure to let his human know, and helped bring the calf indoors where he could warm up.

And there, Bosko stayed.

“His mother was too weak to care for him, and the cold and wet had nearly taken him. His nose was frozen stiff and his eyes looked dead, but he was breathing.. if barely,” Reddit user Oakenboken said of the calf, named Zeke.

Source: imgur/Oakenboken
Bosko the yellow Labrador Retriever found the calf struggling in the cold.

The calf was wrapped in blankets and heating pads. Oakenboken’s mother and grandmother gave the calf antibiotics to keep it alive, Reshareworthy reports. A few hours later, the calf was in stable condition.

Source: imgur/Oakenboken
Bosko wouldn’t leave the calf’s side.

“After about 4 hours, he begins to move and his breathing has become more regular,” Oakenboken wrote. “That night, we added more blankets, some stuffed animals and a heater to his bedding.”

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The calf was wrapped in blankets to stay warm.

Bosko only left to sleep while his brother Duke took over guarding the calf.

When the calf gained enough strength to stand up, Bosko was there. And, when he could go back and join the other cows, Bosko saw him to the herd.

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After a few hours, the calf was breathing regularly.

“After a few weeks of bottle feeding him and keeping him warm in our old chicken coop, we put him back out with the rest of the cows. 6 months later and he’s doing just ok,” Oakenboken wrote. “He’s a little smaller than he should be, but that’s to be expected from his experience.

Source: imgur/Oakenboken
When Bosko slept, Duke stepped in to watch over the calf.

Bosko and his calf friend were inseparable for those few weeks. He stood guard every day, without fail, until the young animal had recovered.

Source: imgur/Oakenboken
Thanks to Bosko’s care, this calf is going to survive!

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