Dog Helps Soldier Overcome PTSD

When rescuers from Great Plains SPCA first saw Bosco, he was limping and underweight. When he was brought into the shelter, he had a broken front paw and lacerations on his body. They assumed that he had gotten hit by a car, but it was very possible that he was abused. Either way, it was a terrible sight to see, and it was very clear that the poor pup needed help.

Once healed, the half-boxer and half-Rhodesian ridgeback was eventually adopted by a rescue group that turns homeless dogs into much-needed service dogs for veterans.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Enter Corey Nixon, a former Army infantryman. Nixon served two tours in Iraq, which wound up really affecting his life. When he returned from deployment, he noticed many negative changes in himself. He was very angry all the time, he had sleepless nights, and he felt as if his whole life was crashing down on him.

Then, by a stroke of luck or genius, the idea of a service dog crossed his mind, and he decided to do some research. He came across Warriors’ Best Friend Foundation. He contacted them and set up a meeting. It was then that he first saw Bosco. And it was instantly apparent that the two would be best friends for life.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Bosco went right up to Nixon and loved him immediately. And Nixon loved him back just as much, if not more. They bonded so quickly, and Warriors’ Best Friend Foundation knew these two belonged together.

Soon after, Bosco and Nixon were paired together permanently. Having Bosco around really helped Nixon’s PTSD. The dog can sense when Nixon is getting angry, and he helps calm him down.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

“I think that having them come from shelters is the only way that you should go,” Bella Jeffers of the Warriors’ Best Friend Foundation told The Dodo. “You’re taking two broken pieces and trying to make it into a whole.”

And Bosco and Nixon definitely came together and made each other whole again! They were definitely meant to be together and are two peas in a pod. Check out their special bond in the video below.

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