There are many unique dog breeds and the Borzoi is one such dog breed. The Borzoi is classified as a sight hound which is unique in and of itself as this typeof dog hunts via sight as opposed to scent. This dog is tall and has a long body. The Borzoi has a long stride which makes it easier for him to catch his prey when on the hunt.

The coat of the Borzoi is long and silky in consistency and this breed comes in a variety of colors. Borzoi dogs stand around 26 to 28 inches high at the shoulder and weigh approximately 60 to 105 pounds.

Although the Borzoi is a sight hound and can be used for hunting purposes, he is also a fine family dog as well. This dog is loyal to his owner and lovable, yet has an independent nature. He is happy just to lounge around the home and may keep to himself at times. This large breed may be happier in a larger home environment as opposed to a small apartment. Since this dog is tall and has a large stride, it is no wonder that the Borzoi needs a good amount of exercise and long runs.

Be aware that the Borzoi is a hunter by nature and will often chase small animals. Therefore, training the Borzoi is highly advisable. He is happy running around a fenced in yard, but should be walked on a leash daily. Due to his long coat, this dog breed needs weekly brushing and even more so when shedding is at its worst.

If you are looking for an independent, loving dog who is large and unique, the Borzoi is one to consider.

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