Border Collie

An intelligent sheep herding dog, the Border Collie is determined to see a task through to the end. Previously known as the Scotch Sheep Dog, the Border Collie possesses traits such as hardworking attributes, strength and excellent instinct. The Border Collie keeps the animals in line and is a great asset to his owner when working in the fields.

The Border Collie has a full coat and his coat comes in various colors, including black, white and brown. This breed may also have a few different colors within the coat. The Border Collie usually has a height of approximately 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder.

Although many who own a Border Collie use this dog in the fields as a sheep herder, many also have this dog as a family pet. As a working dog by nature, this dog may not do as well with small children as he does with older ones, but is a lovable family member overall. The Border Collie has plentiful energy, which means that continual exercise and running space is essential. They get along well with the family, but may not respond as quickly to strangers as some other dogs do.

Sporting a full coat, the Border Collie requires regular grooming. This dog sheds a lot so constant brushing is necessary. Professional grooming on an occasional basis is a wise idea as well.

For those who are looking for a working dog who is also a kind family friend, the Border Collie may be one to consider. Just be sure to give this dog plenty of exercise and brushing sessions to ensure they are as healthy and happy as they possibly can be.

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