This Border Collie’s Walking Handstand Puts All Your Gymnastic Skills To Shame!

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It’s amazing watching the incredible tricks that some dogs can do. What’s even more amazing is how smart they are and how easily they’re able to learn them. This Border Collie, named Hero, puts all of my gymnastic skills to shame when he does an awesome walking handstand, or pawstand in this case, around cones in the video below. He does it flawlessly and so fast too. I don’t think I would last in a handstand for one second, let alone walking in one!

Hero is a very smart and talented dog, and this isn’t the first time that he’s showcased his awesome tricks. Watch him jumping rope as well. He performs trick shows with his human and in the jumping rope video he was doing it for little kids. His tricks are great to watch on video and I’m sure they’re even better to see in person!

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