I’m Impressed When I See Humans Do This. But I’ve Never Seen A Dog Do It!

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There are many dogs who can do some mind-blowing tricks. Most can do the basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “roll over.” Others can do some tricks that are a little more advanced such as jumping over hurdles, jumping through hoops, or catching balls in the air. But I can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen a dog do THIS before!

This Border Collie, named Hero, was a part of a trick show for an audience of little kids in Portland, Maine, and was absolutely amazing! He doesn’t do your typical, average dog tricks. What he does is WAY better! Believe it or not, he jumps rope! You have to see it for yourself to believe it! He stands there facing his human and she swings the jump rope over them and jumps up with concise timing, clearing the rope perfect. Not only does he do it once, but he clears the rope four whole times before getting his treat. He jumps rope better than I can!!

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