Cafe Allows You To Play With Adoptable Border Collie Puppies While You Drink Coffee

What is better than brunch? Brunch with your dog. But what if you don’t have a dog to bring with you to a dog-friendly brunch establishment? That is where one café in Queensland, Australia will have your back – they’ll actually give you a puppy to play with!

Just outside of Brisbane is Samford Village, home of Collies and Co. It opened its fantastic café and restaurant last year, and it comes fully stocked with plenty of Border Collie puppies.

The owners of the café and restaurant partnered with Zaryliam Border Collies and Animal Rescue Queensland in order to run three daily puppy cuddle sessions. Each one lasts an hour, and they are held each day at the respective hours of 7 am, 10 am, and 1 pm.

As the café states, “These cuddle sessions are open to anyone, however, once we have reached maximum seating capacity we aren’t able to take any further walk-ins to our sessions. Our socialization sessions are short and are designed to coincide with the puppies’ natural awake and playful times.”

It added, “Trained animal attendants, including two qualified vet nurses, plan and oversee the sessions, monitor the interactions and closely watch for any signs of stress or fatigue. We encourage you to ask our attendants questions, get a cute photo and enjoy playing and socializing with the puppies.”

This is great news for those seeking to be fulfilled through brunch and puppy cuddles.

The owners were inspired to start the program after it turned out to be a little more difficult than they anticipated running a new restaurant alongside their hobby of breeding pedigree Border Collies.

As the café revealed, “So we began transforming the property so it could accommodate the puppies during the day while we were working in the cafe. Quickly we saw the amazing opportunity this presented for our baby puppies, we could socialize them to traffic, different types of people, sounds, crowds, children, tradesmen, the list was endless. We also started to see the impact the puppies (and adult dogs) would have on our visitors.”

So, if you have been in need of an excuse to visit Queensland, why not make it all about visiting puppies over breakfast?

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