2 Dogs Were Dumped Outside To Fend For Themselves, Then They Waited Over A Year To Feel Love

Two dogs, named Boots and Babs, were dumped in an industrial area and left to fend for themselves. Thankfully, their time on the streets finally came to an end when Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, was called for help.

When rescuers first approached Boots, he greeted them with lots of tail wags and scarfed down the food they offered. He went right up to them and allowed them to pet him with no problem. It was obvious that all he’s wanted was love and attention.

Then rescuers went over to meet Babs, who was lying on the grass. She greeted them the same exact way Boots did, with a wagging tail. They were both so thankful to finally be saved.

Rescuers soon learned that these two dogs had been staying in the area together for over a year. It’s crazy that they even went that long on the streets before someone decided to help them.

Usually for the rescuers with Hope For Paws, it’s a struggle to get the leash around the stray dogs’ necks. But with Boots and Babs, it was extremely easy! Babs sat and waited patiently for them to put the leash on her, while Boots preffered to be carried into the car.

They were taken back to their clinic where they received proper medical care. They are now being fostered at Doggie Bonez while they await their forever homes.

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