Bomb-Sniffing Dog Retires From Service And Is Met With An AMAZING Surprise!!

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When most of us think about dogs, we think about our beloved and silly puppies at home or the ones we grew up with. However, dogs take on a variety of very important roles, like becoming a service dog or a bomb-sniffing dog in the military. These dogs have a much different life than the ones we take care of at home, but that doesn’t change the fact that deep down they are just a happy puppy too!

This Army Sergeant surprises his bomb-sniffing dog on the day the dog retires from his active-duty service and the dog is clearly overjoyed to see him!! This heartwarming moment goes to show you how deep a dog and human’s connection can be and how lasting that special friendship really is! You might want to grab the Kleenex because you might tear up at how meaningful and precious this reunion is!

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