Dog’s Designer Outfits Makes Him One Of The Most Stylish Pups In The World

Everyone who puts their dogs into adorable sweaters or jackets likes to think that they’re the cutest and most stylish pups in the entire world. But there is one Shiba Inu who actually holds the title of “world’s most stylish dog,” and based on his Instagram content, there are no arguments there.

Bodhi has a very impressive 400K following on his social media thanks to the many different outfits that he rocks on the daily. His owner, Yena Kim, is constantly keeping the 11-year-old pooch in the finest menswear outfits. And luckily for Bodhi, his owner happens to be a talented designer. Yena used to design for Ralph Lauren in New York, but as of late, Yena has been running a full-time Menswear Dog blog – a passion project that she invests a lot of time and effort into.

She has even shared with the Daily Star that it can take hours, if not days, for her to get the photoshoots to come together. Between the planning, the setup, the actual styling, and shooting the photos of Bodhi, there is a lot of labor that goes into it all. In fact, the shortest portion of her process is actually getting the superstar pooch to pose, as most of their shoots are conducted in rapid 15-minute spurts.

And to be honest, just scrolling through the Instagram page it is quite clear the level of love she has for her creations. It is no wonder that Bodhi has risen to social media fame thanks to the work that Yena puts into the photoshoots. For more content, you can check out Bodhi’s Menswear Dog Instagram page and website.

But below are our top 10 picks:

1. Putting Ferris Bueller to shame.

2. Bodhi channeling his inner Hemmingway.

3. Here he is making acid wash denim look cool again.

4. Straight off the West Coast of Ireland.

5. We’ll never be this cool.

6. Happy Holidays from this good boy!

7. We’re wondering where he keeps his motorcycle.

8. Flaunting that royal lineage.

9. Can’t go wrong with a suit and tie.

10. Looks like he’s not feeling this look as much.

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