Bobcat Takes “If I fits, I sits” To Whole New Level Atop Prickly Cactus In Arizona

Anyone who shares a home with a cat knows they find the most peculiar spots to rest, hence the saying “If I fits, I sits”.

Apparently, the saying applies to wild cats as well.

Bobcats are excellent climbers, and one that resides in Arizona’s Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument proved that even a prickly cactus is no challenge.

Photo: Pixabay

Arizona if full of saguaros, enormous tree-like cactuses, but their thorny needles usually are enough to keep people and animals away.

That is why a photo posted by National Park Service on Monday of a bobcat perched in a saguaros has gone viral.

People are baffled as to why and how the big cat made its way into the spikey cactus.

The witty post by the National Park Service tried to explain…

“If I fits, I sits…⁣

Cats gonna cat. Perched on a saguaro ⁣(suh-wah-roe), this bobcat finds itself in a sticky situation.”

Photo: Pixabay

But why would the bobcat climb a cactus?

Perhaps to get a better view to hunt, rest, or escape a predator.

“Or maybe just enjoys lookin’ sharp? Actually, Bobcats have been known to climb tall trees and even cactus,” the park wrote.

Those concerned for the bobcat’s paws were reassured by the park that their paws are extra tough and are “immune” to the cactus’ prickly needles.

Fans couldn’t help but join in with funny captions and remarks.

One person commented, “That bobcat is on point!”

Others wondered if the needles of the cactus acted as a form of acupuncture. “That’s one way to get acupuncture in the desert 🌵🐈”.

Yet another said the honest truth, “Cats do exactly what they want.”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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