Bobcat Hunting Proposal Revoked In Indiana Thanks To Animal Activists

Recently in Indiana, two proposals were submitted that had animal activists up in arms. Their outcry and persistence paid off.

One proposal was to create a bobcat hunting and trapping season. Bobcats are native to Indiana and deserve to live there peacefully. Through 2005, they were in danger of becoming extinct, but now are off the list in the state. The other proposal called for all opossums, coyotes, and raccoons captured by animal control to be killed. These inhumane proposals did not get very far before they were revoked.


Cameron Clark, the director of Indiana’s Natural Resources Commission (NRC), revoked both proposals before they were voted on, thanks to the uproar from the animal activists. Activists wrote petitions and collected over 160,000 signatures against the second proposal of killing “nuisance” animals. Over 100 people attended a public hearing regarding the proposals stating they were, “senseless murder” of “innocent animals,” according to Indy Star.


Hunters were stating that there is an overpopulation of bobcats in the state. However, “Several lifelong Hoosiers who have lived in the state for decades and are frequently in the woods said they have never seen a bobcat.” The current ruling stands that it is illegal to kill a bobcat.


As for the raccoons, coyotes, and opossums, they are safe from imminent death for now. Erin Huang, Indiana State Director for The Humane Society of U.S., stated, “They know that we’re all paying attention and that we’re listening and that we care about these wildlife issues and there are thousands of non-consumptive users that want to see our wildlife protected.”

Speaking up for animals can and does matter causing positive change to happen. Be sure to sign petitions and stand up for the voiceless.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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