50 People Work Together When They See A Massive Blue Whale In Distress

A group of about 50 villagers of Madban, India are being credited with saving the life of a blue whale. The daring rescue started after beach-goers noticed a young whale getting dangerously close to the shore. The 47-foot animal became stranded in the shallow waters and began to struggle. However, the more the whale tried to free herself, the more she became stuck.

After a few hours, villagers began to notice that the whale was in serious trouble and time was running out. Several volunteers teamed up with emergency workers to find a way to help the large animal get back out to the sea.

The intense rescue was all caught on camera and shows the workers putting rope around the animal’s body in an attempt to pull her off the sand. Two large boats were even called in to assist in the rescue. However, moving a 20 ton whale is no easy feat! It took the group about eight hours to get the animal safely back into water.

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