A regal and older breed, the Bloodhound is a popular hunting dog from Europe. With keen senses and tireless attributes, the Bloodhound is known to hit the trail during the hunt with dedication and determination. In addition to being excellent hunters, the Bloodhound is quite affectionate, especially when in the company of his owner.

Many Bloodhound dog breeds are black/tan, reddish in color or liver/tan. The Bloodhound has sagging skin around the face and over parts of the body which makes him even more endearing to his owner and those around him. The Bloodhound is large and stands approximately 23 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder.

Bloodhounds are quite lovable with their family members, but they can be a bit bossy at times. With proper training, the Bloodhound will know his place in the home and still be independent without taking over in the household. As scent trackers, the Bloodhound is used to a great deal of exercise and should have plenty of roaming room in the backyard as well as frequent walks. This type of exercise will keep this dog in shape, healthy and content. It will also make the Bloodhound better behaved in the home.

Grooming the Bloodhound is not a timely task, but should be a weekly one. A couple of brushings each week provide this dog with the proper level of grooming and keep his fur looking nice and in good shape. Bloodhounds used as hunting dogs spend many days on the trail and so will need more grooming, such as brushings and baths, than Bloodhounds who are strictly family dogs.

The bottom line: the Bloodhoundis a dedicated companion. This dog will stand by his owner and protect his family. Bloodhounds can be trained and will follow commands with ease.

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