Shelter Dog Who Donated Blood To Other Dogs In Need Found A Forever Home

Canek is a dog that has a big heart. He recently helped to save the lives of two other dogs when they used him as a blood donor.

Thanks to the kindness of some humans who saw his plight, he is also now a saved animal. He was at the shelter since late October, but he now has a forever home.

It started when Canek was on-hand after 8 dogs were abandoned outside of a shelter in Brevard County earlier in the week. Two of those dogs were in bad shape and the staff at the shelter felt that they needed blood.

They took the blood from Canek and transferred it into those two little dogs. According to the SPCA, 7 of the dogs are doing quite well but one of the little dogs in the group is struggling for her life.

The shelter is hoping that foster homes will be made available by the end of the week for those abandoned dogs. That is where the good news comes in. While they are waiting for forever homes, Canek is in a home of his own.

The announcement was made on Saturday and posted to Facebook. A couple fell in love with Canek when they visited the shelter and he loved them back.

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