Abandoned Blind Pig Had Difficulty with Trusting Another Human Until This Guy Won Her Over

Before adopting an animal, ensure you are committed to them until old age. They are not like items you can just simply discard because you deem them boring or useless. Animals can feel a wide variety of emotions — from joy to loneliness. It might not be apparent in their facial expressions, but abandonment and neglect shatter their hearts. It can also cause stress, which may reflect in their health condition or behavior. The whole experience is traumatizing to animals, and it can affect their perspective as well. Due to abandonment, some animals become aggressive when approached. They will be on full alert, as they’ll see humans as a threat. In order to protect themselves, they’ll choose not to trust another human again.

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Animal feelings are certainly valid and should be given attention. That’s why sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers ensure that traumatized animals are healed from inner wounds. They don’t only prioritize an animal’s physical condition but also their emotional and mental health. However, it will take a lot of patience to make them see that you mean well. Todd from Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary experienced that with a pig named Rosie. She was so guarded because her pain was deeply rooted in her previous family. Rosie was supposed to be taken to a shelter, but the facilities weren’t able to support pigs. That’s why Arthur’s Acres stepped in, since they were also asked to accommodate Rosie.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Apparently, she was left by her former family because they were moving cross-country. Rosie wasn’t part of the decision, so she had to be given away. “When she first came, she was angry, traumatized by being dumped from her family, super scared, didn’t want to be touched,” Todd explained. “The family probably got a pig thinking it was gonna be small, and cute, and awesome. And they probably got bored,” he added. Rosie was utterly heartbroken and distressed, but Todd never left her side. Although he can’t approach the blind pig, Todd assures Rosie by staying with her from a distance.

Rosie seemed adamant about not trusting another human again, but Todd patiently waited. It took him weeks before Rosie finally acknowledged his intentions. Todd was extremely happy when the well-guarded pig asked for a belly rub. Rosie began opening her heart to a new friend — she was trying to feel happy again. Things were going great until Todd had to leave for three days to visit his parents. When he returned, Rosie immediately gave him the cold shoulder. She got snappy again and would try to bite Todd’s hand whenever he attempted to touch her. Clearly, it was her trauma speaking. She might have felt abandoned again because he was gone for days. Perhaps while Todd was in Florida, poor Rosie was reliving the familiar pain.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“I was in tears for days. I felt like I failed her. I’m like heartbroken. It’s really heartbreaking,” Todd shared. “It’s taken a month for her just the past three or four days are we getting back to where we were.” The two friends gradually strengthened their bond again. Todd would attend to Rosie’s everyday needs, and they have established a daily routine together. Rosie learned to trust a human again because of the genuine care she receives from Todd. She’s more comfortable now in her new home that will not abandon her.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Although Rosie’s blind, she can navigate her way around the sanctuary and safely seize the day. Moreover, Todd mentioned that there’s still hope for her eyes as the sanctuary anticipates that Rosie will be able to see again before summer ends. Aside from her sense of sight, Todd has also helped Rosie shed some weight, because she’s obese. It’s also required so that she can be spayed. That’s why Todd lets Rosie chase him around the farm whenever she likes. It was hitting two birds with one stone — Rosie’s having fun while exercising.

The sanctuary is certainly committed to providing a healthy and comfortable life for its residents. Hopefully, Rosie gets to have more new friends and finally gets close to another pig like Paulie Walnuts. She’s definitely entering a brand-new chapter in her life. It’s difficult to heal from emotional wounds, but Rosie has the greatest support system. You can see her healing progress by following the sanctuary’s Instagram account. Before anything else, watch her story in the video below.

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