Constant Neglect Made This Cat Go Blind. Now She’s Raising Money For Fellow Rescues

Nowadays Moet, a fluffy white Persian cat, lives a pampered life in England, but the striking six-year-old cat hasn’t always had life so easy.

When the cat was born to a neglectful breeder in Oman, the young kitten spent whole days without any food, water, or a comfortable place to sleep. Conditions were so dire that disease quickly spread, leaving many of the kittens constantly sick.

Photo: Facebook/Moet the Blind Cat

“The cats there were neglected,” Moet’s owner, Emily Shotter, told the Daily Mail. “Moet was often left without food and water, a dirty cage, no bed to lie on, no toys. Over time she just got sicker and sicker, and eventually she went blind.”

Fortunately, Moet was rescued from this disgusting facility, which was cruelly known as the “Pet Shop,” and brought to an animal rescue. There workers nursed the sick cat back to health, removed her eyes, and helped her find a loving adoptive home.

Photo: Facebook/Moet the Blind Cat

Emily first met Moet in 2014, and instantly knew this beautiful girl belonged in her family, which also includes rescued cats Luna and Lily. But it would be another four years before Emily started photographing the Persian’s cute antics, which have brought this pretty girl a growing slice of virtual fame.

But Moet isn’t just out to prove that blind cats are also pretty and fun — although her social media feeds do accomplish this too. In fact, this beautiful girl struts her fluff to raise money for fellow rescues in desperate need of a safe and loving home!

Photo: Facebook/Moet the Blind Cat

“We donate 100% of profits to a volunteer group called Omani Paws, who do rescue, rehoming, fostering, feeding and helping sick and injured animals,” says Emily. “One day we hope Moet hits the big time so we can donate and help much more.” What a great idea!

Find out more about Moet’s story on Facebook, Instagram, or on her website.

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