Blind, Deaf Shelter Puppy And Her Guide Dog Brother Need A Forever Home

Sibling love knows no bounds. Even animals have the capacity to look out for their siblings – like Star and Denver, a sibling puppy pair.

Star and Denver were born into a big litter of 8. Star and Denver, along with their other siblings and their mother, were all abandoned in rural Louisiana. The canine family was rescued, ending up at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California. There, it became clear that something wasn’t right with Star.

While the rest of the young brood were busy playing and exploring around the animal center, Star hung back, exhibiting signs of having special needs. The employees quickly worked out that the 3-month-old terrier mix is not just deaf but also nearly blind.

That is when the staff noticed that Star seemed to have acquired herself a personal guide dog in the form of her brother, Denver. He was observed often helping his sister to navigate around her surroundings. The staff was blown away.

Dora Dahlke, manager of adoption services at Helen Woodward, stated in a press release according to PEOPLE, “It’s really extraordinary. We never stop learning from animals.”

Star and Denver are now inseparable. As the staff have noted that on the rare occasions that they are apart, Denver is always quick to run back to Star, reassuring her that he’s there for her. Given their unique and strong bond, the brother and sister duo will be put up for adoption together.

Whoever does end up adopting the pair will undergo training with a local expert to become better prepared to handle a special needs puppy. And there is no doubt that Denver will be there with her, every step of the way, in their new family home.

“These two really can teach us all a thing or two about sibling love and how much we can achieve with the love of a good friend,” said Dahlke.

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