Blind Cat That Was Almost Put Down Is Now Living Her Best Life

Most people are aware that there are millions of cats entering shelters every year. Some of those cats get rescued and we often hear those happy stories on the Internet.

Unfortunately, not all cats get a happy ending. There are just far too many felines without enough resources and compassionate people to step in and do the right thing.

Although it can be disappointing to realize the reality of the situation, we can still rejoice when we hear something positive. One of those positive stories is about Helen, a blind cat that was on its way to being euthanized. The beautiful calico cat may have had some problems, but she also received a second chance.

Helen was abandoned in a dumpster when she was only a kitten. Firefighters from a firehouse nearby found her and turned her into an animal shelter. Obviously, Helen had some health concerns and the veterinarian recommended euthanasia. One of the animal control officers in the facility, however, wanted to help Helen survive.

Now that Helen had someone fighting for her, she stepped up and began fighting for herself. The veterinarian saved her life but could not save her eyesight. An upper respiratory infection had damaged her eyes to the point where she was eventually left blind. You can see her right eye is recessed but the left eye is blue and cloudy. She is completely blind but she still enjoys a happy life.

The shelter staff has turned Helen over to an active police officer named Amber so she could get the socialization she so desperately needed.

According to Cattitude Daily, Amber said, “I fell in love with her immediately. She was so sweet and she deserved the best home!”

Amber already had two cats but Helen seemed like a nice addition to the family. Although Amber realized that it would be some work to help this feline, she was ready to step up and take on the challenge.

It wasn’t long before Helen was adapting to her new environment and even memorizing the layout of the house. Since being shown her litter box the first day, there hasn’t been a single accident.

“I truthfully do not have to do anything different for her than would be done for any cat,” she said, a Cattitude Daily reported.

Helen spends a lot of time with Amber and the other felines in the home. It is her human mother, however, that has become the light of her life. She is now confident and happy with her loving family by her side. Her life may have started out with everything going wrong, but the second chance has shown us all that life is worth living.

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