This Blind Baby Goat Was Dealt A Bad Hand At Birth. 3 Years Later, Meet Hope!

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This baby goat has not had an easy life since day one. When her mother was pregnant, the untrained owners who had her did not take her to get medical attention and instead conducted an internal exam on their own. They wound up rupturing and ripping her uterus which caused the baby’s umbilical cord to break off and amniotic fluid burned the baby’s eyes.

The mother died from the birth, leaving her baby all alone. When the baby, named Hope, was born, the owners didn’t understand why she never made eye contact with them. The answer was sad: when the amniotic fluid got in her eyes, it blinded her. Thankfully, Julian and Carol of Sanctuary at Soledad Goats in Mojave, California took her in to give her proper care. They spoiled her, cared for her and loved her to pieces. Now, Hope is three years old and is doing great. She has learned to navigate around on her own, and can even climb stairs. Despite being blind, she is just like any other goat!

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