This Baby Goat Is Blind, But Her New Friend Leads The Way!

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A baby goat, named Marcia, was born blind and rejected by her mother. Her rescuer knew she needed help and was able to get her surrendered from a goat farm. She then contacted Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue organization, who took her in to care for her. Marcia hated being alone and would become frantic whenever a caregiver wasn’t by her side. But since she’s met her new best friend, Marcia never has to feel alone ever again. Another rescue billy goat, named Maurice, was brought in by Farm Sanctuary, and him and Marcia formed an instant bond.

“As soon as we brought Maurice into the treatment area where Marcia was being housed, he heard her crying,” wrote Farm Sanctuary. “His ears perked up and he called back to her. Marcia froze — seemingly in disbelief at what she had heard. Then the floodgates opened and these two would not stop calling to each other and crying for one another.” The pair are inseparable and you can even say that Maurice is Marcia’s “seeing eye goat.” Marcia never cries anymore and feels so much better with Maurice by her side.

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