Black Russian Terrier

Originating in Russia, the Black Russian Terrier was often used as a guard dog. This large dog is the perfect picture of beauty and strength all mixed together. These working dogs were used in the armed services in Russia and were utilized in many guarding capacities.

The Black Russian Terrier has a thick double coat which is black and coarse. This large breed stands around 26 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder.

The Black Russian Terrier not only protects for work, but does so for his family as well. This dog is extremely intelligent and has a great memory. The Black Russian Terrier is loving and friendly with his family members, but can be standoffish around individuals not known.

Due to his large frame and working dog background, the Black Russian Terrier needs daily walks or playtime in the yard. When it comes to grooming issues, this is a necessity. The thick fur can become tangled easily so brushing this dog a few days out of the week is necessary. Grooming assistance by a professional is highly advisable as well.

With a stable temperament and eager to learn nature, the Black Russian Terrier makes not only a wonderful working dog, but an excellent family dog as well. Due to his larger size, it is best for this dog to be in a large home environment with a fenced-in yard to provide him with plenty of outdoor time each day. If you can tend to his grooming needs and give this dog the daily exercise he needs for his health, then having a Black Russian Terrier in the home is a fine choice to make. This dog will provide many years of love and enjoyment for his owners.

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