Someone’s Off To Visit The Vet, Just Don’t Tell Her!

Dogs are extremely smart creatures, and whether you believe it or not, they can understand a lot of the things we say. And of course they can learn what many words mean; some of which make them excited, and some of which they aren’t too fond of. Words like “walk” and “park” probably make most dogs happy. While words like “bath” likely make them go into hiding. (Unless you’re this dog!)

This smart 14-year-old black Labrador is one happy pup. She is lying down and wagging her tail nonstop while her human is talking to her. But once her mom says the word “vet,” her tail immediately stops wagging and she puts on a poker face. She is clearly not a fan of going to the vet! It’s so funny how quickly her mood changed! Poor honey!

Take a look at the video to see this experienced dog’s reaction to the dreaded word “vet!”

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