Man Mourns Beloved Cat With Stunning Art Tribute

A North Carolina man turned to his second love, art, to mourn his first love, his cat.

For the past decade, a black cat named DeeZee was Shane’s loyal companion and saw him through some tough times.

So after DeeZee crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Shane wanted to do something special to remember his furry pal.

Photos: Facebook/Abstract Dissent

He paid tribute to his beloved cat with a work of art.

“Had to put my cat down recently,” Shane shared on Instagram with a video of him painting.

He went on to say, “We moved 4 times. I lost my brother and a best friend and DeeZee was always there with me.”

Shane rolled black paint on one of his “graffiti” walls in his backyard and then went to work with aerosol paint.

Screenshot: Instagram/Abstract Dissent

“I miss yelling for him when I come home,” he wrote.

The artists poured his heart and soul not only into his art, but into words.

“I’m still trying to live without him.”

The video ends with Shane completing his portrait of his “favorite guy” and said “Guess he will be watching over me and the house cause he’s in my backyard now. RIP DeeZee love you guy.”

Screenshot: Instagram/Abstract Dissent

As you can imagine, this emotional video has brought tears to the eyes of thousands of viewers.

Grab a tissue and watch Shane pay tribute to DeeZee with a beautiful painting in the video below.

You can check out more of Shane’s work on his website Abstract Dissent and Instagram page.

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