Black Bear Spotted Relaxing In Jacuzzi At Tennessee Vacation Rental

It is officially spring, which means black bears have emerged from their dens in Tennessee. Roughly 1,500 black bears call the Great Smokey Mountains National Park home and are often seen by visitors.

Todd Trebony and his wife rented a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to breathe in the fresh mountain air and unwind in the peace and quiet.

But then an uninvited guest arrived.

Screenshot: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

One morning as the sun began to rise, Trebony looked out onto the back porch and spotted a black bear. He quickly grabbed his phone to record the bear easing himself into the jacuzzi.

He is heard saying, “I’m glad I wasn’t in the jacuzzi.”

Screenshot: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

The bear continues to enjoy the warm water as Trebony says the situation is “unbelievable.”

Animalkind Stories shared the viral video on Facebook with the caption, “This cabin getaway listing is five-stars….but you’ll be sharing the property with a black bear. 🐻”

Screenshot: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

As someone clearly pointed out, “we are in their territory”, so we must keep our distance.

While this incident was harmless, park officials warn visitors “Bears are wild animals that are dangerous and unpredictable. Do not approach bears or allow them to approach you!”

They also remind people that coming within 150 feet of a bear is illegal in the park and can result in fines and an arrest.


NEVER feed the bears and make sure all garbage is properly stored. “Studies have shown that bears that lose their fear of people by obtaining human food and garbage never live as long as bears that feed on natural foods and are shy and afraid of people.” Learn more about black bears here.

This is a vacation the couple will never forget.

Check out the viral video of the relaxing bear below and don’t forget to share with friends.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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