Over 3,000 Shelter Pets Found Forever Homes At BISSELL’s Empty The Shelters Event

BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsors multiple Empty The Shelters events throughout the year to help homeless cats and dogs find loving forever homes. Their most recent event was the largest to date and a HUGE success.

159 shelter and rescues in 33 states took place in the 3 day event. During those 72 hours, 3,284 pets found forever homes, breaking down to 1,946 cats and kittens and 1,338 dogs and puppies. The good news continues…an additional 172 pets entered foster-to-adopt homes.

A breakdown of how many cats and dogs were adopted from each shelter is posted on Bissell’s site. Houston Humane Society who found homes for 24 cats and 25 dogs posted, “We are feeling great this Friday! Final numbers are out from last weekends #EmptyTheShelters BISSELL Pet Foundation event. So many long stays who have been waiting over 100+ days in the shelter found homes thanks to this amazing event! Thank you BISSELL Pet Foundation for much-needed and long-awaited #BissellHappyTails.”

Photos: Facebook/
BISSELL Pet Foundation

A sweet dog named Buster patiently waited two years at Al-Van Humane Society for his person, but his wait is over. He was adopted during the event and the staff couldn’t be happier. Buster is thrilled to finally have a home of his own and is smiling ear to ear in the photo with his new mom.

The adoption fee for dogs or cats at the event were just $25 with BISSELL covering the remaining cost. The first Empty the Shelter event took place in 2016 and since then the foundation has helped 37,394 homeless pets find forever homes.

Photos: Facebook/
BISSELL Pet Foundation

“Adopting a pet is such an amazing feeling and we are thrilled that thousands of families experienced this joy for themselves,” wrote Bissell.

Photo: Facebook/
BISSELL Pet Foundation

With all the unrest in the world right now, everyone needs a loyal and loving companion who also reduces stress. Cats and dogs will bring a smile to your face when you need it most. Their unconditional love makes the world a better place. Adopt don’t shop!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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