Pit Bull Found Crammed In Bird Cage And Left To Suffer

A Pit Bull covered in sores was found crammed in a bird cage, and left outside of an Oakland Park Animal Rescue.

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation, a rescue organization based in Southern Florida, stepped up to help the poor dog after they heard her story. “It was probably one of the most pathetic pictures that I’ve ever seen. She looked so sad. I have no idea how they even got her inside there because the door was so tiny,” states Gina Vlasek with Saving Sage Animal Rescue.


The rescuers could not believe that someone could do this to such a sweet dog. They immediately removed her from the cage. She was covered in mange and nothing but skin and bone. The most disturbing part was it was obvious that she was bred multiple times. She was used for breeding and discarded like trash when the previous people were done with her.

Her skin was covered in sores and bled on the slightest touch or movement. She was malnourished and extremely underweight. They are unsure what the sweet dog had to endure before, but now she was safe. Birdie, as she was named by the rescue, received all the medical attention she needed.

Slowly, her skin started to heal and with proper nutrition she started to gain weight. However, some of the sores were not healing so they brought Birdie back to the vet. “Our sweet girl Birdie saw the wonderful Doctor Friedbauer today at Royal Palm Veterinary Hospital. Birdie had a full work up which included exam, labwork, skinscrape, urine culture and allergy testing. Birdie was found to have a UTI and she has allergies which are causing her skin condition. Poor girl is allergic to dust mites and water. Yes, water!! Imagine!,” posted the rescue.

People have generously helped cover some of the cost of her medical expenses. “Dr. Friedbauer has graciously sponsored Birdies allergy testing and allergy treatments and given us a HUGE break on the bill! Thank you to everyone at Royal Palm VH for being so wonderful to our sweet girl and helping us to get her healthy.”

Birdie is now recovering in a loving foster home. It will takes months for Birdie to make a complete recovery from her painful skin disease. A dog trainer is fostering Birdie and things are going well. Whomever adopts Birdie is lucky. She will be available for adoption when she is fully healed.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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