A Beautiful Australian Shepherd Was Enjoying The Sun. Now, Look At What The Bird Is Doing!

For those of you who know Australian Shepherds, they have beautiful, thick coats and when your brush them? It’s like another dog could be made out of the fur that sheds off LOL. This little bird believes she’s found the most perfect nesting material ever. It it happens to be attached to an Australian Shepherd it’s no big deal, right? Good thing the dog is so laid back, or the little bird would be in trouble! Again and again the nesting mama pulls fur right off this sweet dog, and the dog doesn’t seem to care at all! It’s definitely a fool-proof way to protect her nest and eggs from cats; it’s going to be soft, warm and smell like a dog! I’ve heard of birds picking bugs of of rhinos, but I’ve never seen one pick fur straight off a dog’s back!

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