This Bird Got The Cutest Surprise For His Birthday! You Have To Listen Closely To What He Says Though!!!

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First of all, I have never seen such happy birds in my life! The video starts off with a bird with a Kleenex over his head, singing. But the main focus of the video is Marnie the chatty bird. It’s his fifth birthday and besides a waffle cake, his humans also got him some cute presents. His human dad pulls a stuffed animal bunny out of the bag and puts it on the table next to Marnie and his reaction is priceless!

He looks at the bunny and immediately starts talking to it. His dad keeps taking out more and more bunnies and you can here Marnie saying “thank you” each time. He even tells the bunnies to give him a kiss! At one point he leans in a gives one of them a kiss on his own! He even makes the smooching sound when he does it and says “I love you!” One kiss wasn’t enough for Marnie so he gives the bunny a second one. What an adorable bird!!

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